Brodiance is a new generation consulting firm. We work with the sharpest minds in the industry to help you to remain competitive in this rapidly changing business environment.

Our comprehensive consulting services offer tailor-made solutions that cover the whole spectrum of Human Resources Management, communication, corporate social responsibility and business ethics as well as other strategic advice. We want to help you meet your business goals without compromising your values.

Our approach aligns various systems, processes and instruments with the specific demands of today’s business practice.

“People make the difference”


That is our philosophy. At the end of the day it’s always the person to person interactions, the partnerships, and the connections that bring stability and happiness to your professional life.

This is why we have set up workshops to help you at each stage of your career to adapt and prepare you to face the future with confidence.

Career Start

The Toolbox

Ideal for young professionals who are starting their career. We will give you the tools and secrets for success in your first steps in the corporate world.
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Career Transition

Coach me, I'm Fabulous !

We are here for you! Let us help you to show how fabulous you are. With this program, we help you to make a successful transition into a new job within your company or a new environment.
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Are you Ready ?

What is employability?

We all know that in this changing world we need to adapt constantly.  Employees need to collaborate, learn, and work differently, and most of all cultivate their employability. We will help you to find your way at each level.

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Executive Coaching

Leadership for Executives

Tailor-made leadership programs.

Become a motivational leader who can overcome today’s tough challenges, and share your own personal style, vision and business strategy. Be a leader who can genuinely impact your organisation and maximise the value of the company’s biggest asset: it’s people.

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Golden beautiful Age

50 is the New 40!

This program is dedicated to you, if you want to make a difference, have the energy to do it and the know-how. We are convinced that the sky is the limit and we can help you get to the next level.
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We offer you a partnership that is authentic, tailor-made and above all, effective.

You can count on us!
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