Strategic Consulting

Brodiance is a new generation consulting firm. We work with the sharpest minds in the industry to help you to remain competitive in this rapidly changing business environment. We help our clients manage people better and become more agile. We’re passionate about changing mindsets and moving people to take positive action, and we have great and bold ideas on how to do it. Our business is to connect the right people with the right project.

Our comprehensive consulting services offer tailor-made solutions that cover the whole spectrum of Human Resources Management, communication, corporate social responsibility and business ethics as well as other strategic advice. We want to help you meet your business goals without compromising your values.

Our approach aligns various systems, processes and instruments with the specific demands of today’s business practice.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

There has never been a more important time in recent history for companies to take a good hard look at their activities, their relationships with their stakeholders, and make the changes that need to be made to ensure they are living their values and remaining competitive.

We offer a range of ways to help you audit and manage your company’s social impact, risk and responsibility. We help you to ask the right questions to aspire and achieve more equitable ways of working with internal and external stakeholders.

We offer you a partnership that is authentic, tailor-made and above all, effective.

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