When an organisation makes the tough decision to lay off employees, the most useful assistance they can offer as part of the severance package are outplacement services.

We understand the impact redundancy can have on a person. From the moment of the announcement of job-loss to helping secure a new opportunity, we will be there every step of the way.

We have had deep and broad experience of the challenges that redundancy brings, we know how to apply this knowledge in a targeted and very specific way. We remain objective and our clients can have full confidence that we will support them throughout the transition.

Together we will help them to develop new and realistic goals for the future.

At Brodiance we recognise everyone is unique, which is why each service is tailored to the individual’s needs. We partner with candidates, for as long as it takes. No one is treated as a number, that is the difference between us and the competition.

We show how candidates can rebuild their career and brand by realigning their career goals and their personal values. We will help them create new opportunities either in employment or self-employment.

We are here for you!

We offer you a partnership that is authentic, tailor-made and above all, effective.

You can count on us!
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